Javelin Password Encrypt-Decrypt Issue

Document ID : KB000123200
Last Modified Date : 19/12/2018
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We just recently installed  TDM 4.7 in our dev domain and now we are unable to publish.

The error is occurring in the CreateStagingTables flow that is called from the Masterflow when it attempts to create database links. It seems there was a change in behavior of how Javelin interprets encrypted passwords in variables that are used as part of the SQL statement.

This was working in TDM 4.5, but does not work in TDM 4.7
Engineering reviewed the changes between Javelin 2.0.300.10 (TDM 4.5) and Javelin 2.0.500.1 (TDM 4.7) and found there was a change in Javelin to disable decryption of passwords when they are not located in the password fields (DE374232).

Engineering is investigating what can be done to accommodate this need (DE398384).

For the meantime, Engineering recommends uninstall the latest version of Javelin, and reinstall the older version shipped in 4.5 (Javelin 2.0.300.10). This will not impact the overall upgrade to 4.7.

If you are impacted by this issue, please contact Broadcom support and request a copy of the javelin 2.0.300.10 install.