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Last Modified Date : 04/04/2018
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When trying to login to CAPC we are receiving an Invalid Redirector URL error.  

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CA Performance Management 3.5+
This error is caused by the URL not matching the filter set up prior in the InstallDirectory/PerformanceCenter/sso/webapps/sso/WEB-INF/sso.properties file.  Construct the filter properly based off of the URL's you want to restrict paying special attention to the port specified if recently changing between HTTP and HTTPS.
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Excerpt from the CAPM 3.5 documentation, current as of 4/3/2018:

Single Sign-On out of the box supports authentication for any host. However, you can limit which hosts Single Sign-On redirects to.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the following file:


    Note: /opt/CA is the default installation directory.

  2. Add an entry for the sso.redirect.patterns property:

  3. For each URL to which Single Sign-On is allowed to redirect, specify string values that are separated by pipes ("|").


    Any URL that begins with something else throws an error when the user tries to log in. Without an entry, Single Sign-On redirects are unrestricted.