troubleshooting oneclick login issues after installing or upgrading spectrum

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Last Modified Date : 20/09/2018
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We recently reinstalled Spectrum 10.2.1 and are unable to log in with the local Spectrum Admin user. What is the reason? 
Platform Independant
There are a number of factors that may prevent a user from logging into OneClick. Note that the version of Spectrum may vary as issues logging in can affect any version and any user, and this document assumes you are trying to log in with a local account, not an Enterprise account. There may be other reasons why a network account may not be able to log in. However for LDAP account login issues there is an option within Users tab of OneClick to have the option of "Allow LDAP users to log in".
Here are several items to check as you are troubleshooting the Login issue: 

1. Verify the installation was successful by checking the Install logs: <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/LOGS/<timestamp_of_install>/postinst file.

2. Verify Tomcat is running 

3. Check Tomcat log for "Server Startup in <time in ms>" to verify it is started 
    - Restart if needed and tail the log to confirm it is started 

4.  Be Sure Local Firewall is disabled:
     - Linux OS RHEL 5.x, 6.x: service iptables stop
     - Linux OS RHEL 7.x: service firewalld stop, systemctl disable firewalld
     - Windows: Start > Search > Firewall

5.  Check netstat output to verify nothing blocked port 80 or 8080. Also check for blocked ports 14001 through 14006. 

6.  Verify the <SPECROOT>/.hostrc files 
     - OC server should have at least both OC and MLS hostname in .hostrc, or a "+" symbol (but not both)
     - MLS server should have at least both OC and MLS in .hostrc, or a "+" symbol (but not both)
     - If editing host files manually, be sure there is no extension appended to the file
     - If editing host files by propagating copies over the network, be sure any third party tool used to perform the task is not adding formatting which prevents Spectrum from reading the files 

7.  Verify etc/hosts files are complete and correct, if being used 

8.  Verify DNS of hostnames via nslookup 

9.  Verify SpectroSERVER MLS is started 

10.  Verify the user is added to the MLS SSdb via Spectrum Control Panel > Control menu > Users option 

11.  Check this KB to clear duplicate users which cause conflict and prevent login:
Additional Information:
If you have tried the above troubleshooting and still are unable to log into OneClick, please open a support ticket for further investigation. Please provide a copy of the Tomcat logs, if possible. <SPECROOT>/tomcat/logs

LDAP Users allowed to log in: