Unable to log in to CA Performance Center as the default Admin user

Document ID : KB000032139
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The default admin user in CA Performance Center (CAPC) comes with the Authentication Type set to 'Performance Center'.

If this is mistakenly changed to 'External', the users log in will fail after the change is made. If there is no other admin user created against the Administrator Role, there will be no ability at that point to gain access to the CAPC web UI. This is because the user is trying to authenticate through an outside, external source and fails to do so.



The only way to resolve this is with two MySql queries against the netqosportal DB on the CAPC host. Even REST can't be used at this point as it relies on the admin users log in details to engage the CAPC host for REST based requests.

We will need to update both the Authentication Type and the password for the default admin user to resolve this. This is becuase when the Authentication Type is set to External, the users password is reset to the encrypted form of a blank password.

To resolve this complete the following:

  1. Open a terminal window to the CAPC host and log in as the root, or sudo-root install owner
  2. Go to the directory $CAPC_HOME/CA/Mysql/bin. The default path would be /opt/CA/Mysql/bin
  3. Connect to MySql by running the command "./mysql"
  4. Set it to use the netqosportal DB for the changes with the command "use netqosportal"

Now run these two queries to modify the necessary values and resolve this. First the query to set the Authentication Type to the correct value:

UPDATE user_definitions SET AuthType=1 where UserId = 1;

Next we update the password back to the default 'admin' password value:

UPDATE user_definitions SET Password = '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3' where UserId = 1;

Once those changes are made, run the command "\q" to exit the MySql prompt.

We should now be able to once more log in to CAPC as the default admin user using the default password "admin".


NOTE: As of the release of the June Monthly Update Kit, and the 2.5 GA release, this is no longer possible. It is now prevented from occurring and locking the user out.