Unable to install UMP, setup complains it is already installed

Document ID : KB000100760
Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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Due to a problem with the UMP it was uninstalled and needs to be reinstalled. When I run the UMP setup from the primary it doesn't let me choose the robot where UMP should be installed. Instead it gives me the options of reinstall or uninstall the UMP on the primary hub. If I select either of those options the installer is closed.

How can I resolve this problem?
UIM/UMP 8.51
This problem can occur if the UMP was installed in the primary hub in the past but was not completely removed.
If you can confirm that the UMP was uninstalled and should not be running in the primary server please follow these steps:
  • check whether the UMP package is installed in the primary hub by opening the controller GUI > Setup > Installed packages;
  • if the ump package is listed, open the controller Probe Utility (CTRL + P) and execute the callback inst_pkg_remove with argument package=ump;
  • run the UMP setup again, this time it should give you the option to select where you would like to the deploy the UMP to.