Unable to find project in the Project List and if accessed via other means, all properties values are blanked out. Unable to Export Project List to Excel

Document ID : KB000027061
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Project no longer displays in Project List or if accessed from another link, the project has lost its ID, Name, or other data. The project cannot be opened in either of the schedulers, MSP or OWB. Also, Export to Excel Hangs when exporting the Project List.

This article is specific to Projects; but the concept can be used for NPIOS, Incidents, Cost Plans or any other table affected by the -99 symptom.


One root cause of this issue was fixed, however, if this symptom occurs again, please report to CA Support for root-cause determination.

The project does not display in the Project List View because the Project field SRM_PROJECTS.LAST_UPDATED_BY holds the value -99 (minus 99). This may have been caused by unusual database activity (eg. closing the database whilst work is in progress) and where a -99 exists in the LAST_UPDATED_BY field of table SRM_PROJECTS and the transaction may not have been completed.

NOTE: These steps are provided with the understanding that the actions should be fully tested in a non-production system first for verification of proposed solution. 

  1. Run the following query to verify you are seeing the issue

    select id, name, unique_name
    from srm_projects
    where last_updated_by=-99

    NOTE: If any results are returned, continue, if not, please contact support directly.

  2. The following query will resolve the issue: (the data is updated to a value of 1 which is the standard application 'admin' user)

    update srm_projects
    set last_updated_by=1
    where id=(select id
    from srm_projects
    where last_updated_by=-99)