Unable to export application

Document ID : KB000039041
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Issue : 

When we try to export application it couldn't complete and waits at 99%  




Sometimes export of application fails due to corruption of flows in application, also rename or removal of flow is not possible.

nolio_app_all.log shows:

Uncaught Exception in Thread AWT-EventQueue-0 , null java.lang.NullPointerException 

at com.nolio.platform.shared.app.view.workspace.ComponentFlowsCategoryView$10.run(ComponentFlowsCategoryView.java:488) 


To fix the problem and enable the export, perform the following steps :

Verify the flow which is corrupted

Perform the following steps on nolio database

1. select id from executable where name = ‘<FLOW NAME’>;

this will find a VALID id for the relevant flow

2. select * from executable_instances where delegate_id NOT IN (select id from executable);

take the delegate_id from this query output

3. update executable_instances set delegate_id = ‘<VALUE FROM 1st QUERY>’ where delegate_id = ‘<DELEGATE_ID FROM 2nd QUERY>’;

Remove the flow and Verify the export.

Note: Before making any modifications, please take a backup of database. Contact support if you need further information.