Unable to export a list from Service Desk web page

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Last Modified Date : 14/06/2018
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Exports are not working at all, but attachments are working fine, no error in the application is prompted when the action is attempted, the browser shows that it is just keep waiting to the process to respond.
The jsrvr.log file capture the messages similar to the following:

INFO PDMExport 1043 Using webengine: web:local, to find domsrvr
ERROR PDMExport 1072 Get domsrvr name failed: Timeout waiting for reply after 10 seconds, using default domsrvr
INFO PDMExport 1103 Validar BOPSID:
ERROR PDMExport 1115 Validate BOPSID failed: Timeout waiting for reply after 180 seconds
ERROR PDMExport 1122 Timeout waiting for reply after 180 seconds
ERROR PDMExport 488 validation failed

Even if the process pdm_export_mgr.exe is killed or refreshed the issue persist.

the following error is also captured in the stdlogs when the issue occurs

ERROR factory.c 7007 Could not create list using cr_list_web in factory in:FAC:NC:ATTR:OB:MTH:
SEVERE_ERROR data_driver.c 826 DataDriver: Failed in receive message (method:got_sync_fetch) - (string)Could not create domset (bad name ? )

SD 14.1 or higher
The pdm_export_mgr.exe process failed because stored queriy had an incorrect parameter for the form being exported or used. the for list_cr, or list_in or list_pr can be used for the correspondent type of ticket, if a stored query is used to use more that one type of ticket, it wont work and will only retrieve the correspondent ticket type of the form, but in addition if the export is tried, the export procedure will fail, with similar errors like the one showed above.

Modify the when clause of the store query used so it only has the correspondent object used by the form.

1. Log in Service Desk with an administrator account.
2. Go to the Administrator tab->Service Desk->Application Data->Store Query
3. Search the store query used by the form and edit the where clause as mentioned.
4. Save the store query and the issue should not occur again.

See Additional information section for further details about the store query syntax.
Additional Information:
When using the following syntax in a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) stored query, only one type of ticket: "type=\'R\' OR type=\'P\'". Is this designed behavior or a bug?