Unable to drop Oracle schema 10.7 SP1

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Last Modified Date : 17/07/2018
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After a clean APM 10.7 installation, we tried cleaning up the Oracle schema. 

./dbdrop.sh -databaseName xxxx -databaseType Oracle -host x.y.z.t -port xxxx -user xxxx -password xxxx -releaseVersion -scriptsDir /introscope/product-10.7/install/oracle/database-scripts/ 

[INFO] [main] [root] [DropSchema] - DBDetails: hostName: x.y.z.t port: xxx databaseName: xxxx user: xxx 
[INFO] [main] [root] [DropSchema] - DBType: Oracle 
[INFO] [main] [root] [DropSchema] - Release Version: 
[INFO] [main] [root] [DropSchema] - Scripts location: /introscope/product-10.7/install/oracle/database-scripts/ 
[ERROR] [main] [root] [DropSchema] - No Major release version found from the given releaseVersion - 

Scripts are in the folder /introscope/product-10.7/install/oracle/database-scripts/ 

APM schema version in Oracle 

SQL> select ts_db_versions from ts_domains; 


The same command with an APM 10.5.2 works
When dropping the schema, the APM10.7 version was not seen in the list. This caused it to error out stating that there was no major release version found.

This is fixed in  APM 10.7.0 SP2.