Unable to discover a new device in CAPC

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Last Modified Date : 03/05/2018
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I am having trouble discovering a new device in CAPC.
it is not being classified as expected, and the needed metrics are not populated.
Vendors are always releasing new models and new versions of thier IOS.

if you are having trouble discovering a newer device, it may need to be certified in CAPC.
CAPC 3.x
The following describes what needs to be provided when submitting a certification request for a device in CA Performance Management.
Before you look into submitting a certification request, please reference the below page to check if a device is already certified:
Obtaining the below information before you open an CA Performance Management Certification Request case will allow for streamlining of the process as well as allowing the information to be submitted to the certification team quicker.
Here is a list of files and information that support will need to log your certification:
1.What is the Make, Model and firmware version of device in question?
2.A list of MIBS to support
3.Are there any specific OID's you need to report on. For example, specify the full OID tree and/or type of stats needed.
4.A MIB walk of the device. To do this you should use the sapwalk tool. Download it from this FTP location:
            Log in using:
            Username: Anonymous
            Password: <yourEmailAddress>
            Here is some example syntax:
(ex) sapwalk2 -i <ip> -v v1 -s 1.3.6. -c <community> -o device_mib.walk
Here is some additional usage syntax:
Usage: sapwalk2
         -i  ip_address
         -v  snmp_version(v1/v2c/v3)
         -s  startoid
         <-c  community for v1/v2c           >
         <-u  username  for v3               >
         <-l  seclevel  (nAnP/AnP/AP) for v3 >
         [-xt auth type (MD5/SHA) for v3     ]
         [-xa auth password for v3           ]
         [-xp priv password for v3           ]
         [-xn ctxtname  for v3               ]
         [-xe priv type (DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256)for v3  ]
         [-xi ctxtid    for v3 (will discover if not specified)]
         [-e  engineid  for v3 (will discover if not specified)]
         [-t  timeout(msec)                  ]
         [-r  retries                        ]
         [-f  compare (0/1)                  ]
         [-p  snmpport                       ]
         [-d  sleep_bet_req(msec)            ]
         [-m  maxlexerrors                   ]
         [-z  samples:delay_in_msec:<oidfile> for ratecomputation of counter/gauge variables]
         [-o  walkoutput filename            ]
         [-n  max num of variables to learn  ]
         [-xf filename containing oids to be excluded(one per line) ]
         [-xr guestimate max rows            ]
         [-xs source ip                      ]
         [-xy source endpoint (port)         ]
         [-xv bridge / or vlanstartoid for auto vlan learn]
         [-xl save timestamps (0/1)          ]
         [-xz timestamp threshold (def=10sec)]
         [-b  getbulk flag (0/1)             ]
Additional Information:

A Certification Request cannot be submitted for review by our Certification Development team until all four of the above components have been provided. Due to the volume of Certification Requests received by our Technical Support and Certification teams this request will remain open for 10 days from the initial submission. If after those 10 days, all of the required information is not provided, this issue will be closed as unresolved. 

If at a future date you wish to revisit the Certification Request, please open a new case and submit all required information.  If you are having technical difficulties obtaining the required information or are aware of factors that may result in a delay in providing this information, please contact the CA Performance Management Technical Support team at your earliest convenience.