Unable to create CIs when SQL is configured with a non-standard port.

Document ID : KB000029070
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In an environment where SQL is either on a cluster, or is using a non-standard port (anything other than 1433), you may not be able to create CI's, and will get an error on the GUI:

AHD05519:Error in MDB Registration: (Cora not initialized yet!)

You may also notice the following errors in the standard logs:

12/11 15:09:19.66 sdm_server1 mdb_registration_    4316 ERROR

mdb_registration.c     932 Unable to initial CORA API. RC: 470200

12/11 15:09:19.66 sdm_server1 mdb_registration_    4316 ERROR

mdb_registration.c     934 CORA Error Message:Cora not initialized yet!

12/11 15:09:19.66 sdm_server1 mdb_registration_    4316 ERROR

mdbreg.c               160 ca_reg_init failed (Cora not initialized yet!)



  1. Follow these steps:
  2. Run pdm_configure

  3. When you get to the database config screen, for the SQL server node, enter the servername\instance-name,port#.  For example if the servername is SQLServer1, and the Instance is CASDMDB, and its running on port 23401, then you would put this in the server node field:


  4. Also put the port number into the port number field

  5. Allow configure to complete

When pdm_configure completes, you should now be able to create CI's without any errors.