Unable to close financially-enabled projects (REVMGR-20058, REVMGR-20062)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When trying to change the Project's Financial status to 'Closed', this error message is displayed:

REVMGR-20058 - Unable to close project because some transactions in wip have amount remaining greater than 0
-- OR --
REVMGR-20062 - Unable to close project because some transactions are waiting to be adjusted


A project cannot be financially closed when there are:

  1. Transactions for that project are posted to financial.
  2. WIP transactions for that project that are not billed (ie) if there are WIP transactions with an amount remaining not equal to zero.
  3. If there are any adjustment transactions waiting to be approved.

First bill and approve those transactions so that the Amount Remaining for the WIP will become zero. But if you don't use the Billing functionality in the application but you keep track of the expenses by creating transactions in the application, then below are the different options to solve this:

For any (future) financially enabled projects:

  1. The project should be created of type INTERNAL so that the transactions are not considered for billing . (OR)
  2. For projects of types other than INTERNAL, create the transactions as non-chargeable. (OR)
  3. For future transactions submitted for any existing projects, create transcations as non-chargeable . While creating Voucher Expense transactions - from Work >Financial Processing > Transaction Entry >Entry > Transaction Details page under the Transactions Data section uncheck the box 'Chargeable'.

For those existing projects in the system for which you have transactions created already, we have two options to make them non-billable in order to be able to financially close those projects.

  1. Do a Write off for the transactions from the Demand Billing:

    1. Navigate to Work > Billing > Demand Billing. Browse for the Project Code and <hit> Search.
    2. From the search result , select the project and hit <Select.
    3. In the Demand Billing Summary screen click on the "Adjust' icon at the right end of the page near the Adjust amount textbox. When you click on the Adjust icon the negative amount remaining is auto populated as the adjusted amount for write off.
    4. Then click on <Bill And Approve> button.

  2. Create WIP Adjustment for the transactions for the project and mark them non-chargeable:

    1. Navigate to Work >Financial Processing > Create WIP Adjustment.
    2. Enter the From date & To Date, browse for the Project Id.
    3. Click 'Search' button.
    4. From the results, click on the Transaction Date link to open the transaction.
    5. In the Work > Financial Processing > Create WIP Adjustment > Modify transaction page , under the Transactions Data section uncheck the box 'Chargeable'.
    6. Click 'Submit' button.
    7. Then approve the WIP Adjustment from the Work > Financial Processing > Approve WIP Adjustment page.
    8. Repeat the above steps for all outstanding transactions for the projects that you want to close.

If you still cannot close the project and you wish to contact Clarity Support for more assistance, send the following information:

  1. Screenshot of Admin Tool > invalid Transactions > filter for specific project.
  2. Screenshot of Main App > Post to WIP > filter for specific project.
  3. Screenshot of Main App > Create WIP Adjustment > filter for project.
  4. Screenshot of Main App > Approve WIP Adjustment > filter for project.
  5. Screenshot of Main App > Demand Billing > filter for project.
  6. Screenshot of Main App > Approve Billing > filter for project.
  7. Screenshot of Main App > Print Invoice > filter for project.
  8. Execute this query and send results in excel spreadsheet:

    select * from ppa_wip
    project_code = <your project code> AND
    transno in (select transno from ppa_wip_values where amountremaining != 0)

More Information:
If the user does not see the project in the 'Demand Billing' page, the user may not have access to generate invoices for that project. Go to Project > Properties > Financials > Access and grant access to generate Billing and Approve Billing for the authorized user.