Unable to change planned allocation segments on the project team detail page if the resource does not have hard booking rights.

Document ID : KB000121608
Last Modified Date : 19/02/2019
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1. Create a project that spans from 28/11/2018 till 28/12/2018
2. Add a team member
3. Go to the Staff member properties and add a hard allocation segment
   Hard allocation start 28/11/2018 till 28/11/2018 at a %5.5555
4. Go to the team > detail tab and check the TSV field values:
   Allocation : 24 (3 working days x 8 hours a day in calendar)
   Hard allocation: 0.44 (%5.5555 of 8 hours for the day)
5. Create a resource that does not have hard booking rights
   You can grant all available project rigths and resource rights (ensure no hard booking rights are granted)
6. As that newly created resource go to the project team detail page.
7. On the Allocation by Period TSV field, edit the allocation value and change it. 
   Do not touch the hard allocation value
8. Click on save

Expected result: Soft allocation changes to save
Actual result: Error message appears "Hard Booking rights required to change the Hard Allocation"
CA PPM 14.X and 15.X
This is caused by DE45661
This is currently fixed in 15.6

1. Remove the hard allocation field from the TSV field. If this field is necessary, you can create a custom TSV field on the Team > Staff page that shows hard allocation
2. Display 5 decimals on the TSV field. That way no rounded will be done when displaying the value
Additional Information:
The cause of the problem is that the hard allocation value shown on the GUI is a rounded value.
On this case, the value shown is 0.44. But the real value is 0.44480 at DB rounded to 0.44
When you change the soft allocation and try to save it, it also tries to overwrite the 0.44480 by 0.44. That is the cause of the error