How to move all a system's metrics from ACE 2 to ACE 1.

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Last Modified Date : 30/04/2018
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After an upgrade, metrics were showing as on ACE 2 - we need to move them back to ACE 1 - how can this be performed?
This procedure enables moving all system’s metrics from ACE2 engine to PSL Writer (i.e. ACE1).
  1. Stop all ACE2 services (best disable them):
    1. ‘Oblicore – ACE on JBOSS Application Server’
    2. ‘Oblicore – ACETransition’
    3. ‘Oblicore – PslWorkerXXX’ (XXX stands for any number) – Note that there might be multiple PSL Workers.
  2. If there are any ‘Oblicore – PSLWriterXXX’ services running then stop them too.
  3. Execute the following update command on the database:
and commit it.
  1. Execute ClearAllPSL_BSI8.sql for clearing all PSL data, so that the engine will reload it all from scratch.
  2. This step causes all ACE2 data to be cleared out. Execute through SQL command window:
EXEC prc_ace2_reload;
  1.  (optional) Execute on the database:
truncate table t_log
  1. (optional) To have all existing contract parties assigned to PSL Writer 0 execute on the database:
update t_customer_psl_instances set psl_instance_id = 0
and commit it.
Now on the UI ‘Administration’ tab -> ‘ACE Management’ -> ‘ACE Instance Management’ -> the instance 0 will be shown for all existing contract parties.
  1. (optional) To have ACE1 as the default engine, so that all new metrics will be assigned to ACE1:
In the UI goto ‘Administration’ tab -> ‘Site Settings’ -> ‘Advanced’ -> ‘Configuration\ACE2’ folder -> ‘is ACE2 the default engine’ -> set to 0 (zero).
  1.  (optional) Using the UI (‘ACE Instance Management’ page) to distribute the contracts among the different PSL Writers.
  2. Start all relevant PSL Writer services.
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