Unable to access MOI appliance

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Last Modified Date : 10/01/2019
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Support, my team in Atlanta is unable to access my MOI appliance that resides in Atlanta. I have spoke with a network engineer and I provided him with IP routing table from the appliance.

He then came back with the following comments:
"The subnet mask size needs to be adjest. 172.17/18/19 masks are *wayyyyyy* too big. You’re essentially saying you own 172.17. [0-255] and 172.18 [0-255] and 172.19 [0-255] - > or 65K ip addresses * 3 (17, 18, 19)
That is running into some of our user application space. I don’t know how docker is running on your box, but you certainly don’t need 172.17, 18, 19 in /16 subnet sizes"

Is there anyway to adjust subnet masks within docker to see if this resolves our access issue? Thanks James
MOI 2.00.02, Linux x86
Within release 2.00.03 we have added the feature to allow a user to override the default docker IP addresses. Attached to this is a document that has the instructions to perform that override.
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