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Last Modified Date : 11/09/2018
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Scheduled reports sometimes have graphs that are missing data. When the report is run manually all data is present and looks perfect.

Scheduled Report - Missing Data

This can sometimes be caused by the presence of duplicate QoS definitions for the metric in question. You may also see
   situations were both manual and scheduled do not show data even though the data is present in the database. In the
   above scenario one definition contained data and the other did not

First check for duplicate definitions for the QOS in question using SQL

SELECT * FROM S_QOS_DATA WHERE qos = 'QOS_MEMORY_PHYSICAL' and target like 'hostA'

326895 M4B95C6440FAE08BA349568C8774C7C80 12 2014-07-04 12:55:00 AE0D9832AEAC026A296A8A6645C7A47B0E740C18 QOS_MEMORY_PHYSICAL hostA hostA originA hostA cdm RN_QOS_DATA_0012 HN_QOS_DATA_0012 VN_QOS_DATA_0012

334379 M4B95C6440FAE08BA349568C8774C7C80 12 2014-07-15 07:11:00 D472D0033957CBE289BCCD4F9200CBBCA4513B28 QOS_MEMORY_PHYSICAL hosta hosta originA hostA cdm RN_QOS_DATA_0012 HN_QOS_DATA_0012 VN_QOS_DATA_0012

We can see that there are 2 definitions here both coming from the cdm probe on the host.

Next, check and see which one contains current data

Using the table_id value and the r_table we can run the following

select top 10 * from RN_QOS_DATA_0012 where table_id = 326895 order by sampletime desc

select top 10 * from RN_QOS_DATA_0012 where table_id = 334379 order by sampletime desc
13343792018-08-31 11:03:45.0000.000.00600.0014400
23343792018-08-31 10:53:38.0000.000.00600.0014400
33343792018-08-31 10:43:42.0000.000.00600.0014400
43343792018-08-31 10:34:41.0000.000.00600.0014400
53343792018-08-31 10:24:09.0000.000.00600.0014400
63343792018-08-31 10:14:15.0000.000.00600.0014400
73343792018-08-31 10:03:55.0000.000.00600.0014400
83343792018-08-31 09:53:50.0000.000.00600.0014400
93343792018-08-31 09:43:39.0000.000.00600.0014400
103343792018-08-31 09:33:50.0000.000.00600.0014400



Finally, delete the old QoS definition without any data

delete from s_qos_data where qos = 'QOS_MEMORY_PHYSICAL' and table_id = 32689

Note: You may run into a condition with duplicate metrics from a different probe. In a case like that you 
  would need to remove the configuration monitor from one of the probes before deleting the QoS definiton

After removing the duplicate QoS data entry the report should now generate with the metric populated
Scheduled Report - Fixed Data