UMP Performance - Dashboard_Engine and Wasp syncronization issues (flash, dashboards,dynamic views and alarms)

Document ID : KB000047894
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you are experiencing performance issues in UMP or there appears to be a synchronization?problem?between dashboard_engine and wasp,

a.????? Increase the memory available to Flash in the browser on the client side by right-mouse clicking anywhere inside the portlet and selecting 'settings' then click on the tab with the folder icon.? Slide the slider all the way over to 'unlimited' or as far as desired.? You may need to close all browser windows and reopen UMP then login to realize the effect.

b.?? ? ? You?may see some message in wasp telling you that updates not received from dashboard_engine since last xx seconds, so re-initializing UDM. If this is the case, then probably dashboard_engine?s? update_ums_interval need to be increased.

dashbaord_engine GUI: Intervals->Client data update
dashboard_engine RAW?Configure: ?/updateintervals/update_ums_interval

Aug 05 03:15:42:300 [OnUpdateUMSData-104894, dashboard_engine] Sending UMS Update to wasp in 73120 ms.


c.????? If you are getting errors like connection I/O error, socket error, connection timeout then?you likely need to increase nimpool timeout in the wasp configuration.
wasp ->Setup-> Nimpool->?Timeout

Default is 30 seconds, this should be changed to 180 seconds

d.???????Look at both?the dashboard_engine?and wasp log for memory consumption after setting to log level '3'. (This gets logged in both after regular interval showing allocated memory, consumed and free). In case of memory heap error also the connection break can happen.

e.????? Also check with deactivate_acl_condition in dashboard_engine configuration, in earlier versions of UMP, in order to fix one bug with UMP session which was causing flash performance degradation, this was set to 2, but?in UMP1.51 and later it was addressed so this setting can be set to 0.

dashboard_engine RAW Configure: /data/deactivate_acl_condition