UMP Page Name Disappears or Turns Blank after creating a new page

Document ID : KB000034998
Last Modified Date : 17/08/2018
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After clicking Add->New Page, then typing a page name, customers may find that after refreshing the page, the label for the page name has "blanked out" leaving a page with an empty label.


This issue is caused by a portal setting which includes an erroneous language code.

The following steps will fix the issue:
1. deactivate wasp.
2. on the UMP server, locate and edit the file: ?\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\ using any text editor.
3. Locate the "locales=" variable and set it to the following string:
4. Now issue the following query against the NimsoftSLM database to delete any pages which have a blank label:
delete from Layout where name like '%locales=""%'
5. Now issue the following query to complete the removal of all "bad" language codes:
6. activate wasp and the issue should be resolved.

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