UMP dynamic groups not showing any devices after upgrading from 8.31 to 8.4; including Service Pack 1 and 2.

Document ID : KB000046545
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Dynamic groups are not being populated after upgrade to 8.4




Unified Infrastructure Manager 8.4

Database: Any supported SQL Server




The CM_GROUP table is not properly updated and the trellis probe is throwing exceptions in the log.

You can confirm by setting the following and restarting trellis.

loglevel = 5

format_sql = true

show_sql = true

Then search for any exceptions related to column usm_visible not being found.




1) Run the following SQL

Part One:

declare @defname varchar(100),
  @cmd varchar(1000);

set @defname = (select name from sysobjects so
    join sysconstraints sc
    on = sc.constid
    where object_name(so.parent_obj) = 'CM_GROUP'
    and so.xtype = 'D'
    and sc.colid = (
        select colid from syscolumns where id =
        and name = 'usm_visibile'
set @cmd = 'alter table CM_GROUP drop constraint ' + @defname;

alter table CM_GROUP drop column usm_visibile;

Part Two:

alter table CM_GROUP add usm_visible bit default 1;2) Restart the trellis probe - the issue should now be resolved.