UIM - Probe Configure GUI fails to open via Admin Console

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Last Modified Date : 25/10/2018
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Via Admin Console the probe configure was working fine and then for one of the probes it stops working. There is a popup error window with:

Configuration was unable to be retrieved. 

Message: Internal Server Error: Failed to load cached attribution graph for probe: /<path to probe>
Resolution: Please check the ppm.log file for additional details. 
Error Code: AT-001 
This probe may not support this configuration. Click Raw Configure to configure using Raw Configure. 
Click Retry to attempt to save your configuration again. 
Click Close to close this Window. 

The ppm log has:
Oct 25 08:14:58:578 [attach_socket, ppm] END -- NimRequest for 'get_ctd_configuration', against '/<path to probe>' 
Oct 25 08:14:58:690 [attach_socket, ppm] Begin callTransformMgrRender 
Oct 25 08:14:58:690 [attach_socket, ppm] * Deserializing graph, json size=44446 
Oct 25 08:14:58:694 [attach_socket, ppm] stdout: 08:14:58.694 [attach_socket] DEBUG c.nimsoft.ids.ctd.graph.CtdGraphBase - CtdAction is deprecated for instance graph usage. It has been replaced with CtdEntityDefinition in the scheme. 
Oct 25 08:14:58:694 [attach_socket, ppm] * Beginning transform, graph is not a template. 
Oct 25 08:14:58:695 [attach_socket, ppm] isSchemeCached(<probe name & version>) returns true 
Oct 25 08:14:58:695 [attach_socket, ppm] getScheme(<probe name & version>) 
Oct 25 08:14:58:754 [attach_socket, ppm] TransformException: ctd-transform-3.05.com.nimsoft.ctd.transform.error.dc85e11d6eef1132d88c41eb70ded47d=Internal Server Error: Failed to load cached attribution graph for probe: /<path to probe>
Oct 25 08:14:58:754 [attach_socket, ppm] End callTransformMgrRender 
This issue is caused by a corrupted or otherwise malformed message in the PPM directory.
1. Navigate to the $PATH/Nimsoft/probes/service/ppm directory
2. Deactivate PPM
3. Navigate to the PPM directory.
4. Delete the 'cache' folder.
5. Activate PPM.
6. Refresh admin console and check for improvements.
The information in the 'cache' folder will be newly generated upon restart.
This should delete the file causing the issue and allow the probe configuration to be opened.