UIM hitachi probe - how to test the connection

Document ID : KB000100967
Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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The UIM hitachi probe is failing to show the device resource details and the test connection fails. 
How can the connection from the system running the probe to the hitachi storage device be checked? 
1) Verify the SMI-S service running.
- Gxxx - log into SVP, click on Ready button.
- should be listed and in Ready status.

2) Verify that you can telnet to both ports from the SMI-S server.
- ports 5989, 5988.
- port 5983 SMI-S Provider for G1000.
- ports 5988, 5989 Management server for G1000.
- telnet <svp ip> port #.

3) Verify what port the SVP listening on.
- netstat -a | findstr 598.

4) Ensure that your SMI-S application is using namespace "root/hitachi/smis".