UIM filtering by group still allows devices coming into spectrum

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have Spectrum & UIM Integration configured and working. We have Groups set up in UIM so that only certain devices will sync from UIM to Spectrum. However, we are noticing many devices coming from UIM into Spectrum that we expect to be filtered out by the Group setting. What is happening? 

Platform Independant

Server Management sync between UIM and Spectrum will bring over physical entities, and these are filtered out by the Group setting. In UIM you can define a Group to contain certain entities, and in Spectrum OneClick UIM Configuration you can enter the same Group name to bring over only those physical machines you want to sync. 



However, the Group setting only applies to Physical machines synced over Server Management sync. VMWare Virtual Devices do not adhere to the Group feature. Therefore All VMWare entities will always sync to Spectrum. 



To verify whether the devices which synced to Spectrum came from Server Management or VMWare sync, check the attributes associated with the sync. When the device sync, Spectrum will assign an ID to the model, based on the following attributes: Nimsoft_Entity_ID & VirtualEntityUniqueID

- if Nimsoft_Entity_ID has value = the sync was from Server Management 

- if VirtualEntityUniqueID has value = the sync was from VMWare Management

NOTE: Some models may have a value in each, but if there is ANY value in VirtualEntityUniqueID, then the sync was via VMWare Management



Additional Information:

At this time there is no current plans to alter this behavior. Please check CA Spectrum Communities boards for any further information on IDEAs or Discussions on the topic:  https://communities.ca.com/community/ca-infrastructure-management/ca-spectrum/content