UIM e2e_appmon probe- script qos does not have ci_metric_ids

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Last Modified Date : 04/12/2018
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Is there some way to give QoS that comes from e2e_appmon probe (scripts) ci_metrics_id 's? 
Currently they are NULL (except for total running time from the probe), and do not appear in UMP under the device that is running them, and do not appear in CABI Adhoc view (QoS Metrics topic).
They appear under cabi Single Qos Metric topic though. 

eg: top 1 with ci_metric_id is qos from the probe and not the script 
table_id    ci_metric_id                                                       qos_def_id    created                        checksum                                                                             qos 
317107    M0AAF04A0F2BDE53EC93A453422C48A2D      75         2018-11-23 19:19:00     3832F17FAA9E0E6FE590AF6F0E20C68A77361251      QOS_E2E_EXECUTION 
317099    NULL                                                                     75          2018-11-23 14:30:00    163F84743264BF375CC50E386AA1F1B0129BD19F       QOS_E2E_EXECUTION 
317100    NULL                                                                     75          2018-11-23 14:30:00     B8808989534EF4B5007D747A5F460F83D7F9F1CB       QOS_E2E_EXECUTION 
317101    NULL                                                                      75          2018-11-23 14:30:00     690FDC8884B40CFA5C0269FE7C2724A4E208212F     QOS_E2E_EXECUTION 

So unable to view and add metrics to some dashboards and get related reports from this probe
UIM 8.51
e2e_appmon_dev 2.50
The custom QoS is not having dev and met id by default

Need to use nimSetCi function from e2e_appmon API in the custom scripts

From the Docs : This function is used to add additional device and metric information to alarms or quality of service message sent afterwards. 



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