How to configure the clariion probe for the Disk State alarm.

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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the probe documentation provides no guidance on how to set the Disk State alarm. 

As per the metrics page these are the alarms with a string value: 
Disk State     -     String     The operational state of the disk.
Mode     -     String     Indicates the fast cache mode.
State (For Fast Cache)     -     String     The face cache state.
State (For PSU)     -     String     The state of the power supply unit.
State (For Fan)     -     String     The state of the fan.
State (For LCC)     -     String     The state of the Link Control Cards.
State (For IOMODULE)     -     String     The state of the Input Output module.
State (For Management Module)     -     String     The state of the Management Module.
State (For SPS)     -     String     The state of the Standby Power Supplies.
State (For MirrorView)     -     String     The state of the MirrorView.
LUN Expansion Enabled     -     String     Indicates whether LUN expansion is enabled for this RAID group or not.
Statistics Logging     -     String     Indicates whether statistics logging is enabled or not.
Relocation Status     -     String     Indicates whether the thin pool is currently relocating. (1=Relocating)
As a 'string' it will be text instead of a number and the text string is sent from the storage device. The valid values are available from the Clariion documentation. 

Another way to find out is to look at a sample output file. 
Default location: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\storage\clariion\output\...._getall_-array_...txt

A sample shows: SP A State:  Present

Setting the Disk State threshold for  != Present, produces the expected results. 

This same method can be used for Mode, LUN Expansion Enabled, Statistics Logging, & Relocation Status.