CAUIM CABI - How to Configure Jasper Reports Server to Send Emails 

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Last Modified Date : 17/09/2018
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CAUIM CABI - How to Configure Jasper Reports Server to Send Emails 
- UIM 8.51
- cabi (bundled) v3.20 
- uim_cabi_health_report_pack v1.20 
- uim_core_dashboard_pack v2.40 
- uim_unified_report_pack v1.02 
- ump_cabi v3.20
* Stop the robot where CABI is running and restart it after the changes are made * 

1- Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps\cabijs\WEB-INF folder  
2- Create a backup of file 
3- Edit file as shown below, edit the bold values to match with your setup: 

report.scheduler.web.deployment.uri=http://UMP/jasperserver-pro (The name of the computer hosting the mail server) 
report.scheduler.mail.sender.username=smtp_user_name_(The name of the mail server user that JasperReports Server can use) 
report.scheduler.mail.sender.password=smtp_password_ (The password of the mail server user) (The address that appears in the From field on email notifications) 
report.scheduler.mail.sender.protocol=smtp (The protocol that the mail server uses. JasperReports Server only supports SMTP.)

NOTE: If your mail server does not require a user name or password, leave the values empty - for example: 


WARNING: If you add # at the start of the lines above it will cause the file to corrupt and CABI will be unable to start.