UIM audit probe not purging entries older than x days..

Document ID : KB000106206
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2019
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The UIM audit probe has been running fine but we noticed that the AUDIT_CONFIG_CHANGE table has grown excessively large. How can this be corrected. 
To resolve: 
deactivate audit probe 
truncate table AUDIT_CONFIG_CHANGE 
truncate table AUDIT_EVENT 
activate audit 

truncate empties the table and so is fast 
delete does a row by row delete and so very slow and will flood the database transaction log
Additional Information:
The audit probe tables are: 

AUDIT_EVENT is maintained by the probe pruning. 

AUDIT_CONFIG_CHANGE does not have timestamp and so not pruned. 

Since AUDIT_CONFIG_CHANGE only has configuration changes it is totally outside normal operations for the table to grown excessively large. 

There is a relationship on the event_id column between the two tables, so both should be truncated.