U3977 abend starting CA Dispatch

Document ID : KB000067118
Last Modified Date : 26/02/2018
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You're attempting to start a CA Dispatch region but the started task is terminating with a U3977 abend.

What is causing the U3977 abend and how can it be prevented?


The U3977 abend indicates that there is already an active CA Dispatch region (or other IDMS region) on that system that is using the same CV NUMBER as the one you are trying to start.

Check and see if Dispatch is already active? If not, are there any other Dispatch or IDMS regions that run on that same system? If so, you will have to check the CV number(s) being used by those regions, coordinate with the owners of those regions,  and may potentially have to generate a unique CV number into the CA Dispatch dictionary file (DICTDB) for the one you are trying to start. 

Additional Information:

For additional information on how to change the Central Version (CV) number for a CA Dispatch region, contact your local CA Support representative or refer to:

Knowledge Base Article: Setting / changing the Central Version Number (CV or CVNUMBER) for your CA Dispatch region.