U0037058 Invalid batch mode: 'null'

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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U0037058 Invalid batch mode: 'null'
Detailed Description and Symptoms
When running the unload via command line or batch mode, the unload aborts with return code of 1 and throws the following message:

U0037058 Invalid batch mode: 'null'

Check the command being used.  Most the time this is caused by having a space after the -B parameter (see the following examples):

/u01/users/uc4/utility/bin/ucybdbun -B REORG
/u01/users/uc4/utility/bin/ucybdbun -B -S0000
/u01/users/uc4/utility/bin/ucybdbun -B TRANSPORT


Check the documentation under Administration Guide, Start Parameters, Utilities under the UC4.DB Unload section to be sure that the correct -B* switch is being used and that there is no space after -B as in the example below:

/u01/users/uc4/utility/bin/ucybdbun -BMode