U0003336 Connection to ServiceManager '' cannot be established

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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U0003336 Connection to ServiceManager '' cannot be established
Detailed Description and Symptoms

When attempting to start and stop the agents from the System Overview, I can stop the agent but not start it. None of the information in the 'Attributes' tab when I right-click 'edit' the agent is filled in. It is all empty. Usually this is filled-in by default.

If I force the agent to populate these fields by selecting 'renew service manager connection' I get an error message.


Looking more closely, check and see if you are using a different port number for your ServiceManager on these agents.  The default port is 8871.?


?The AutomationEngine starts and stop the agents over port 8871 by default.  If this is not the port the ServiceManager is using this will need to be changed within the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS.  Otherwise, the AutomationEngine cannot find any information and auto-populate the informaton on the ServiceManager.

Go to Client 0--> DIV_VARIABLES--> UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS and add the keyword SMGR_PORT_RANGE.  The Value should be whatever your ServiceManager port is.  The default value is 8871.