U00011801 Error in Serverroutine 'MetricsCleanupTask', Server: 'UK03#WP015' AE-System: 'UK03'

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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The JWP writes forced traces. The error message in the logs is:
20180829/030100.001 - 22     U00005905 Performance metrics older than '2018-07-30 01:01:00.001' will be removed now.
20180829/030100.821 - 23     U00045014 Exception 'com.automic.database.api.DBException: "DELETE FROM PMMA WHERE PMMA_Idnr IN ( SELECT * FROM (SELECT PMMA_Idnr FROM PMMA WHERE PMMA_Timestamp <= ? ORDER BY PMMA_Idnr) WHERE ROWNUM <= 1000 )"' at 'com.automic.database.impl.DBConnectionImpl.executeInternal():432'.
20180829/030100.822 - 23     U00045015 The previous error was caused by 'java.sql.SQLException: "ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource
20180829/030100.822 - 23     "' at 'oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.checkError():996'.
20180829/030100.823 - 23     U00003620 Routine 'MetricsCleanupTask' forces trace because of error.
20180829/030100.824 - 23     U00003450 TRACE file was opened with the switches '0000000000000000'.
20180829/030100.917 - 23     U00003449 Output to the TRACE file is finished.
20180829/030101.042 - 22     U00005906 Removed entries from performance tables (PMMA/PMIA/PMIAM/PMMAV): 0/0/0/0
A problem has been fixed where background tasks like search indexing are executed in multiple JWPs or not at all. This leads to search indexes that are not updated. The problem happens if a JWP with a lower instance number is started while there is already a running JWP with a higher number. For example, if AUTOMIC#WP003 is started after AUTOMIC#WP004.
Workaround: The problem can be avoided if all JWPs are started/stopped together.

Solution: Install a fixed version or a newer one:
  • Automation.Engine 12.1.4
  • Automation.Engine 12.2.1
  • Automation.Engine 12.3.0