TSS9764E VSAMAIX is out of sync with base cluster

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Last Modified Date : 24/10/2018
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I'm getting these error messages and I couldn't find the 64E and 65I messages in the msg Guide. Also it doesn't show who (stc, batch job, etc.) those errors msgs are associated to?  TSS9764E VSAMAIX is out of sync with base cluster TSS9765I VSAMPATH Closed TSS8859E VSAM GET ERROR- RC=08 RS=90 
1. DELETE AIX file ==> this will delete the PATH entry also I see AIX and the other VSAM companion files are being used by TSS STC, so is it possible to delete the AIX file when TSS is up and running? Is there something else I should do before deleting AIX file? Answer: TSS should not be up when deleting the AIX. 2. DEFINE AIX and PATH (second step of VSAMDEF3) Answer: Please remember that TSS BDAM file and VSAM file are a married pair. You just cant initialize a new VSAM file. You need to do them both. Then do an TSSXTEND to copy the old to the new. If they will using the same dsn names for the BDAM and VSAM file, TSS must not be up when he deletes, reinitializes and TSSXTENDS them. If he will be using different dsn names, they he can initialize them while TSS is up. Then when he is ready, update the TSS procs with the new dataset names and recycle TSS. I do not see a BLDINDEX process in that step. Is BLDINDEX not needed for this process? Answer: The BLDINDEX is step 2 in the TSSMAINS JCL and not in VSAMDEF3. 3. S TSS,,,REINIT