TSS LDAP configuration files are not correct

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You have just installed CA LDAP Server r15 with MSM 3.0.
The install was correct Path given for "Target library USS Directory" was created and loaded.

However something seems strange:

  • All names are in uppercase,

  • no extension is provided for the name.

SLAPDC seems to be slapd.conf
SLAPDE seems to be slapd.env., and so on.

There is no mention about this in the installation guide.


When CALDAP is installed, it gets loaded into the directory before the one you are looking at.

For example, you can find the installation files in /TSSLDAP/usr/lpp/caweb instead of /TSSLDAP/usr/lpp/caweb/caldapr15

There is a readme file that is shown on the first page of the install wizard which states that you should install into a CA directory and then the runtime
will be in the prior directory, in this case, it would be /TSSLDAP/usr/lpp/caweb/caldapr15/CA that you would use as the install directory and then the runtime becomes /TSSLDAP/usr/lpp/caweb/caldapr15, this is where you would find slapd.conf etc.

In this example, /TSSLDAP/usr/lpp/caweb/caldapr15 is the install directory and /TSSLDAP/usr/lpp/caweb is the runtime directory.