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Last Modified Date : 24/05/2018
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Hi, with the TSS ARCHIVE command I discovered there cannot be any extra spaces following the member name otherwise the command fails with the following message: TSS0249E STATEMENT CONTAINS UNBALANCED PARENTHESIS *** Is there anyway to get the command to work even though there are spaces following the member name: For example: TSS LIST(TSSTEST) ARCHIVE INTO(TSSRPT.ARCHIVE.DATA(TSSTEST ) Thank you. Alena
It doesn't look like having a space after the member name of a PDS is allowed. I tried the following: 1) In ROSCOE: EXPORT DSN=data.set.name(TSSTEST ) and got: EXP06 INVALID DATA SET/MEMBER NAME SYNTAX EXP68 UNSUCCESSFUL EXECUTION OF EXPORT 2) In TSO, ISPF option 3.3: Copying data.set.name(TSSTEST) to newdata.set.name(TSSTEST ) and got: Invalid DSN - member Neither #1 nor #2 involved a TSS command. This looks like a z/OS restriction, not a TSS restriction. It doesn't look like there is a way to get the TSS ARCHIVE INTO command to work when there are spaces following the member name.