Trying to identify problems in the infrastructure where some probes are red and some robots have loopback addresses

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Last Modified Date : 18/09/2018
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We have recently come across a few probe failures where they are red and robots have loopback addresses.
Is there a way of pulling this data from UIM to show such probes and robots instead of going through each robot one by one in IM? 
The UIM tables CM_NIMBUS_ROBOT and CM_NIMBUS_PROBE hold the type of information that would help in identifying these probes and robots.

An example query would be:

SELECT cm_nimbus_robot.robot, cm_nimbus_robot.ip, cm_nimbus_probe.probe_name, cm_nimbus_probe.ip 
FROM cm_nimbus_robot 
INNER JOIN cm_nimbus_probe 
ON cm_nimbus_robot.robot_id=cm_nimbus_probe.robot_id 
where cm_nimbus_robot.robot_active = '1' and cm_nimbus_probe.ip is NULL 

(robot_active='1' indicates that the controller is active. nimbus_probe is NULL indicates that no ip has been registered for the probe so the probe is likely red in IM)

This provides a list of robot, the robot ip, probe name and probe ip.
One row per probe running on the robot.
The query can be modified to interrogate on e.g. specific ip's  and/or specific probes within the infrastructure by reviewing the tables and adjusting the where clause accordingly.