Trusted Transfers

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Trusted Transfers

What is the xcom.trusted file?

    The xcom.trusted file contains a list of user names and optionally, groupuserid that are considered to be valid initiators of trusted transfers.What does the xcom.trusted file allow you to do?

      The xcom.trusted file allows a transfer to be sent without specifying a userid or password, as long as the Unix system that is receiving the file has a system-define dxcom.trusted file, with the same userid as the sending system.What do the entries in the xcom.trusted identify?

        They identify users on the remote system and optional group userid. If the optional group userid is not present, the first userid will be used to perform the transfer.Can this only be used between other Unix platforms?

          No. The xcom.trusted can be used with XCOM 3.1 for NT and OS/390.XCOM 3.0 for Unix made had an xcom.trusted file. Can I send xcom.trusted transfers between versions 3.1 and 3.0?

            No. The format and the usage of xcom.trusted has changed with the new release of XCOM.How has the format of the xcom.trusted file changed from release 3.0?

              You no longer specify the remote system in the file contents. You only specify the userid and/or alias. Two types of xcom.trusted files can be created. One way to create a trusted file for each remote system and the other is to create a single file for all remote systems.How do you create a trusted file for each individual remote partner?

                In your /usr/spool/xcom/config directory you may copy the existing xcom.trustedfile with the following name: xcom.trusted.123.45.678.

                Where 123.45.678 is the TCP/IP address of the specific remote system.Is there a limit as to how many individual trusted files you can have defined?

                  No.I'm using an individual xcom.trusted file and want to make use of an alias, how do I code this in the trusted file?

                    The first entry/column should be the desired alias followed by the actual userid. For example:

                    superman clark
                    | |
                    alias userid
                    Do you have to define the "alias name" to Linux?

                      No.Do you have to define the userid to Linux?

                        Yes, the actual userid has to exist on the Linux box.