Troubleshooting API request timeout issues for CA Agile Central.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Use the following steps to troubleshoot timeout messages for your WSAPI/LBAPI custom application. Example of timeout messages might include: 407, 408, 502, 504, 522, 524 http errors.


Use the following steps to troubleshoot timeout messages for your WSAPI/LBAPI custom application. 

  1. Do you have a proxy server between your application server and CA Agile Central? If so, you can try bypassing or adding an exception rule to your proxy firewall. If that resolves the issue, work with your internal networking/security team to troubleshoot.
  2. To determine if our CDN is the cause of the timeout try temporarily using in your request. If this clears the issue, please contact CA Agile Central support with the list of information given below these steps.
  3. Isolate the request that is causing the timeout. You might be able to determine this by looking at your application’s log files, or the endpoint used in your REST client.

        A few tips for optimizing your request:

  • Are you only getting the data you need via the fetch parameter, or are you setting fetch=true? Setting fetch=true can be costly as it returns every attribute for every object type requested. If you only need certain attributes list those out in your fetch parameter individually.
  • How many Objects of type are you returning, and what is your pagesize set? For example, you have 10,000 user stories returned from your request where you need all attributes returned and your pagesize is set to the max of 2000. This can be quite costly, so try setting your page size to a smaller value to reduce the number of objects returned with each request.
  • Are you using projectScopeUp and or projectScopeDown appropriately? For example if you are looping through all projects and then performing a request on User Stories with projectScopeDown set to true, this might be both redundant and costly.

If you have determined that the issue appears to be on the CA Agile Central side, please log a support ticket and provide the following information. Providing the following information helps support to isolate the issue.

  1. The userid used for the request and the method used for authentication (APIKey, Security Token, Basic Auth).
  2. The full error message from your application logs or REST client.
  3. The exact day and time of the error including the timezone.
  4. The type of request that failed including the endpoint used.
  5. Any other information related to the troubleshooting steps above.