Tried to duplicate a form type - getting errors

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Last Modified Date : 02/10/2018
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I tried to duplicate a form type to create a new form type for a new project. I followed the instructions from the KB article, and also changed the names and labels for all the fields to reflect the new project names. I am getting errors when trying to execute the sql to set up my new form:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-12899: value too large for column "HARVEST"."HARFORMTYPEDEFS"."COLUMNNAME"
(actual: 33, maximum: 32)
ORA-06512: at line 17
CA Harvest SCM all versions and platforms
Oracle database all versions
The user had made copies of the old form type's sql and xml files, renamed the files for the new project, and then performed a mass change inside both files so that all database fields would reflect the new project in the field name instead of the old project.  When he did that, the names for some of the fields in his new database table were too long.  Oracle requires that all database column names be less than 30 characters.
Performed another mass change on both the sql and xml files to use an abbreviated version of the new project name instead of the one they had chosen.  All the column names were now less than 30 characters so the SQL could successfully complete.

For these types of changes to the definition of a form type in Harvest, it is recommended to make changes to the form type's "hfd" file and then generate new sql and xml files with the "formgen" tool.  This way your change can be made in one place in one file, and the tool formats everything correctly, rather than manually editing the sql and xml files.