Trap(s) sent by outside source ( event source) do not appear in the Live Exceptions browser (Legacy KB ID CNC TS8724)

Document ID : KB000051714
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Modify the user's permissions via the eHealth administration web interface to include permissions to view 'Event Source' elements.
Verify trap source is configured with the correct trap destination

Verify the UDP packets are successfully crossing the network segment

Verify TrapEXPLODER is receiving the traps

Verify TrapEXPLODER is correctly configured to forward the traps to the eHealth system

Verify Live Exceptions engine is receiving the traps

Ensure there is a rule set configured to receive the traps

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'Event source' traps not appearing in Live Exceptions browser
Trap(s) sent by outside source ( event source ) do not appear in the Live Exceptions browser

Problem Environment:
Live Exceptions

Causes of this problem:
The user launching the LE browser does not have permissions to view the 'Event Source' technology.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS8724 )