TRANUTL - Transaction File Utility Program

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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TRANUTL -- Transaction File Utility Program

TRANUTL is a utility used by Support to report and fix a customer’s tran file in error.  The error may be “Missing Mandatory Association”, “Illegal Overwrite of Encyclopedia”, or “Object <nnnnnnnnn> was not found in the DOBJ table”.   These errors in general are called corruptions.  They occur because the Gen software did not process the action correctly.  However to correct the software, the exact steps are needed to reproduce the problem.  These types of errors were common in much older releases but rarely occur now.  Sites where models were created in older releases may still have instances of these errors.  The Gen software was corrected but the model is still corrupted until fixed.  The tran files that can be processed by this utility are:












Some of the tran files are used on the Host Encyclopedia and others are used on the Client Server Encyclopedia.  The errors occur on the Toolset or when checked in or out of the Encyclopedia.  What is needed from the customer to attempt to fix the file is to zip and send the tran file and the exact error message including any codes or object ids and the tran number in error.  Customer support will run a report using TRANUTL to interrogate the file and determine the offending transactions in the file.  The use of WALKENCY may be required on the Host or Client Server Encyclopedia to confirm actions to be taken.  Once the file has been updated, usually delete of the offending transaction(s), the customer uploads.  If successful, it is recommended the customer download the model or subset and verify the logic in programs.  It may take multiple iterations to fix the file so if unsuccessful, send the new error message only.  A new tran file is not required.  Not all tran files can be fixed so the recommendation may be to override checkout and redo work OR generate new model, adopt, and migrate.  This depends on the amount of changes made and how much would be lost. 


Tran file header info can also be changed.  An example would be to change a checkout.trn file from READ ONLY to not READ ONLY.  This will allow another user to gen new model.  This utility CANNOT be sent to a customer.  Since objects and associations can be modified and deleted, if done incorrectly will cause the model to be in an inconsistent state.  Call or open an issue and a Customer Representative will be glad to help.