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Last Modified Date : 10/12/2018
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Hello CA. z/OS 2.2, CA SYSVIEW 15.0.
Some transactions are being logged in CTRANLOG only when the LIFETIME exceeded 21.00000,
How can I modify this value?
Where is it?
I've reviewed the CTHRESH values but I cannot see any similar to this value, is there any other values/parameter involved?? 
The CCONFIG display shows these options: 

The result is that no transactions get logged to CTRANLOG unless the transaction abends or triggers a SYSVIEW threshold. The CTRANLOG display in the capture agrees with this as the Tran field is highlighted for all the records shown, meaning they all had some type of exception (scrolling right you can see the Xct field contains a count for all records). 

I don't know what the desired outcome is, but it looks like the change they made was to turn off LOG-TRANSACTIONS. Setting it to YES will allow all transactions to be logged (this is the master switch). 

If they only want a subset of tranids logged this can be accomplished on CTRANOPT using the TRANLOG field.
You could list the transactions you want logged as TRANLOG and change the generic entry to NOTRANLOG, or the other way around. 

However, In the CTRANOPT display customer can see as first definition "*", that definition that should be use as default for all transactions NOT explicitly defined here

What you say about CTRANOPT definitions is true only if LOG-TRANSACTIONS is set to YES. 
LOG-TRANSACTIONS is a higher level option, so if it is NO then the TRANLOG/NOTRANLOG settings on CTRANOPT do not matter.