TPX Virtual terminal Definition

Document ID : KB000124133
Last Modified Date : 14/01/2019
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There are numerous virtual terminal LUs (1 per unique LU) defined to VTAM. It appears that for the virtual LU masking to work in TPX, the virtual terminals have to be defined in member APTPX. Is this the case or can the virtual terminals just be defined to VTAM in a randomly named member?

Can these be spread across multiple smaller major nodes?

Can TPX read other major nodes for the virtual terminals instead of just the APTPX?
TPX places all VT entries Above the 16M line. One way to use multiple major nodes is to run more than one image of TPX with its own major node. Each TPX must have a single unique VTAM ACB member with unique VT entries.

Symbolic's can also be used for running multiple nodes.