Total Load is unrealistically high on Full duplex ports in SPECTRUM (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31760 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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With full duplex interfaces TOTAL_LOAD thresholds should not be configured, and instead, separate watches/thresholds for IN_Load and OUT_Load  should be configured.) This is because a the load on Full Duplex connections can theoretically hit double the ifSpeed/ifHighSpeed of the interface. (100% utilization becomes 200%).

In SPECTRUM 8.1 it is only possible to set thresholds against TOTAL LOAD and it is NOT possible to set separate thresholds against IN LOAD and OUT LOAD. Of course, this can always accomplished by creating watches that threshold against the Load_In and Load_Out watches). If a Total Load threshold is configured on a Full Duplex port it should be set it to a level that is appropriate for the full duplex port.


In SPECTRUM 9.0 the separate thresholds for In and Out Load can be configured. The user has the choice of setting any combination of In Load, Out Load and Total Load thresholds.



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Setting total load thresholds on full duplex links actually does not make sense to do and will cause false alarms. This is because Full duplex
interfaces are capable of 100% Load_In AND 100% Load_Out, so combining these will produce a utilization well over 100%.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS31760 )