Topology modeling to prevent custom policy from getting deleted

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Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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When we model our network devices under a service in SOI and a device is rediscovered in Spectrum, it disappears from our SOI model. If there is only one device in a service then the policy is also lost. We are looking at the best way to model our network without constantly recreating these policies.
- SOI don't have a mechanism to prevent connector's from deleting the devices they publish, so you'll have to add those CIs back in to the service manually or use Service Discovery to add them to the service automatically.
- Your concern is that when the CIs are removed from the service you loose the custom policy unless there are at least two devices in the service. You can resolve this by adding two dummy CIs to the service. You can create the dummy CIs using the UC connector and here is how to do it:
- If you look at CA\SOI folder on the SOI manager you'll notice xml files starting with universalAdd. The one you want to use to create the two dummy CIs is universalAdd_ComputerSystem.xml.
-  Edit the universalAdd_ComputerSystem.xml and change the "MyMachine21" to something to your liking. I     use UCServer1, UCServer2 etc.. Change all the property that has the "MyMachine21" has it in the value. Note: You can copy the whole content to a new file and name it different.
- Save the file and open a DOS window then CD to CA\SOI folder (this is where the UC command is) and run GCEventAddCmd -hlocalhost:7090 -funiversalAdd_ComputerSystem.xm
Note: You can add multiple CI in the same file and run it once, just copy the events section on the same file and change the machine name.