Top Secret initialization ACID and the ACID Top Secret runs under.

Document ID : KB000048142
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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It is often presumed that Top Secret runs under the MASTER ACID. Top Secret is not handled any differently then any other Started Task.


When Top Secret comes up it is given a Bypass acid the same as all STC's that initialize before Top Secret. The bypass acid is comprised of+stcname+, in Top Secret's case it is +TSS+.

At the next security check after TSS is active we will go through what we call AUTOACEE processing which will search the STC table for a matchon the STC name and look for an assigned acid. If an acid is assigned we will internally generate a signon to replace the +xxx+ acee with a valid non-bypass acid.

In the case of Top Secret we have never seen an acid assigned in the STC table. So unless your shop actually assigned an acid to Top Secret it will continue to run under the acid of +TSS+.