Tomcat does not start after Upgrade to Spectrum 10.2.1

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Last Modified Date : 23/03/2018
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I've upgraded my Spectrum Production environment (DSS) to Spectrum 10.2.1. We have a Fault Tolerant setup and start with the Primary SpectroServer side. After starting the 12th SpectroServer, the Spectroserver could no longer connect to the OneClickServer. After rebooting the OneClickserver, tomcat does no longer start. I can no longer reach the OneClick website.
- Linux RedHat
- 16 Fault Tolerant pairs with 2 OneClick server
I am able to replicate the issue in my lab environment. The issue is not affected by the SpectroServer count. It is affected by the iptables blocking all communication. To recap: During the upgrade process, i prevent all communication between backup and primary environment. If I stop the processd on the Backup Spectrum MLS and restart OneClick-Service everything is fine. OneClick starts as expected. If I set iptables, thereby preventing all communication between OneClickServer and Backup MLS, OneClick does not start. I get "Experiencing delay starting UserModelDomainList" -messages and nothing happens. If I delete the iptables entry, tomcat starts up immediately.

A workaround here was to remove the value (SpectroServer name) of the "Backup Location Server Name=" setting in the $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/META-INF/context.xml file, before upgrading the DSS.
The SE team has analyzed the data and will either fix this or provide more steps in the upgrade process of a DSS upgrade. The fix is planned in a future release, but not certain at the moment which release.