TMSINIT S806 caused by Common Services for z/OS r14.1 module CAS9MSG is not found

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Last Modified Date : 06/11/2018
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Since putting on PTFs RO65568 RO74389 RO75087 RO77749 RO78799 RO79932 RO82883 RO85313 RO85314 RO85315 RO90105 RO93293 RO94935 RO94936 RO95015 for z/OS 2.3 compatibility, we've consistently gotten S806 abends in TMSINIT during IPLs. I restart TMSINIT and it comes up fine, but this isn't normal. I notice on your support site there is a mention of 'problem 599' where this exact phenomenon occurs, dated 10/18/2018 and last updated 10/19/2018 but there is no reference to a fix I can put on and all it says is 'Deploy updated CAW0LINK, Refresh LLA.'. So what can I do? I can probably either put caw0load into TMSINIT steplib or put CAW0LOAD into LNKLST unless you have a PTF that fixes this. What is my best option? So far this only affects TMSINIT and I've gotten that restarted successfully on all LPars so I've got a week until the next round of IPLs. Note that simply restarting TMSINIT (and having to reply U, enter authorized userid and password) fixes TMSINIT for the duration of the IPL. I'll mention here, TMSINIT is started on all of our LPars by the AUTOCMD in CAS9 or CAIRIM process, so it isn't a question of CAS9 not being up successfully. 
Common Services for z/OS 14.1 and CA-1 Tape Management executing in a z/OS 2.3 environment
CAW0LOAD not linklisted or found in the STEPLIB concatenation of the affected CA product. 
This is resolved by either:
  • Applying SO05939 to correct the problem
Or as a workaround:
  • Adding CAW0LOAD to linklist and refresh LLA
  • Adding CAW0LOAD to the STEPLIB concatenation of the affected CA Product
Additional Information:
Problem Document 599