Tips to customize Device.xml and NonDevice.xml Search configurations for Spectrum IM Connector for SOI

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Last Modified Date : 29/04/2019
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How can I add additional Model Types and Model Classes to be published from Spectrum into SOI?


When using the CA Spectrum Connector for CA Catalyst with CA Spectrum, you can control the configuration items (CIs) that are selected. The following files at SOI_Root/resources/configurations/SpectrumIM, have the filter criteria:



These files control which CA Spectrum Models are returned as CIs for SOI. Both files are standard CA Spectrum Search XML files.

 In Spectrum OneClick Locator - Integrations - Catalyst Connector the entry:

Cataylst Devices - reflect Device.xml in SOI\resources\configurations\SpectrumIM
Catalyst Non Devices - reflect NonDevices.xml in SOI\resources\configurations\SpectrumIM
In order to modify the content of this two files to add or remove Model Types for publishing by the Connector,
1. select the Search by right click in Locator and click "Copy Search"
    The create Search Window opens with the content of the Search.
2. No you can put in your customizations and click the Save As button.
    When the Search is saved, you will see a new search-*********.xml file in the $SPECROOT/custom/console/config directory.
3. move the appropriate file you want to substitute in SOI\resources\configurations\SpectrumIM to a backup folder. 
    Do not keep it in the same folder.
4. copy this $SPECROOT/custom/console/config/search-*********.xml file to the SOI\resources\configurations\SpectrumIM directory
    on the Spectrum Connector system and rename it to the appropriate filename (Devices.xml or NonDevices.xml).
5. restart the CA SAM Integration Service on the system where the Spectrum connector is installed.