Tips on resolving SC03 abends in VISION:Results.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If you encounter an SC03 abend, there are multiple paths to pursue.

There are a few patches to resolve problems within the product:

SC03 abends on RESTORE programs frozen prior to release 5.0 are addressed by PTFs QO91585 and QO99458 which display on the Default Options page as 60025 and 60040. PTF RO05111 which displays as 60050 resolves a SC03 abend in DY280PDS when executing under z/OS 1.9 or later. Remember that all release 6.0 PTFs have all prior PTFs as prerequisites.

If your maintenance is up to snuff, then examine the application.

  • Verify the LRECL and BLOCKSIZE values on FILE statements for input files match the DCB or leave them off and let VISION:Results acquire them from the operating system.

  • Verify the DCB values for output files on the FILE statement match the DCB. You can also allowing the system to determine the block size by adding the parameter SYSBLOCK to your OPTION statement if your site DYLINSTL parameter SYSBLOK is set to N.

  • Examine the application to verify a field does not access a field past the end of a record as this may have corrupted a DCB. This can happen when the record format is variable and logic branches depend upon input conditions and input is invalid.

  • If there are called routines that perform I/O, be sure they do their housekeeping and close relevant files. Otherwise DCB storage may be freed before the system does cleanup at job termination.