TIMESPANS are based on the Server time zone and not on the logged-in user's time zone

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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TIMESPANs in stored queries are not adjusted according to the logged in users time zone.  The TIMESPANs only consider the time zone of the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) server.


This is a design limitation.

The TIMESPANs are basic tags that can be used in the where clauses to dynamically update results as the time goes by and following some rules set during configuration. These TIMESPANs are processed at the server level, without knowing in what time zone the page will be displayed. The TIMESPAN  are using the server time zone as a reference. 

Some examples of TIMESPANs are "TODAY", "PAST_MONTH" and "PAST_HOUR".  For more examples, login to Service Desk with the role set to Administrator, click on Administration tab, and navigate accordingly: Service Desk node, Application Data, Codes, Timespans.

In contrast, the date fields across CA SDM are stored in the database in GMT time, and UTC time, and are sent to the browser as such. The Javascript layer converts them to the correct time zone. When a page is saved the same happens, the javascript would convert the date string to UTC time and then send it to the server.

Sample screenshots demonstrating:

  •  A scoreboard node stored query definition containing a TIMESPAN:




  • A Change Order showing the view from the local primary server.

Login via Web browser on the primary server that is in GMT-5 time zone.

Note the Scheduled Start Date in the following screenshot is 2015/04/22 23:39.



  • The scoreboard node count and the corresponding Change Orders List. 

    Note that these results are the same, whether the user is logged into the primary server via a web browser on a machine with the same time zone as the primary server or the same user is logged into the primary server via a web browser on a machine with a different time zone.



  • The dates displayed in the ticket when viewed from the remote web browser.  

    As can be seen in the following screenshots, the Scheduled Start Time is adjusted, depending on the time zone of the machine that is running the web browser that is being used.

    Login via Web browser on a remote machine that is in GMT time zone. 

    Note that the Scheduled Start Date in the following screenshot is 2015/04/23 04:39.