Time synchronization problem between ESP HP-UX Agent and the dSeries server.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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HP-UX Agent is sending messages with the timestamp about 4 minutes behind the dSeries server time.


This problem reflects a feature of HP-UX operating system where the HotSpot JVM uses the gettimeofday() system call to obtain date and time information.
For performance reasons a new mechanism that uses the number of CPU ticks since the application started is used to calculate the current time.

As a result, changes to the system date or time using date(1), adjtime(2) or time synchronization utilities such as ntp will not be reflected in the date and time that the Java program returns, until the process is restarted.

If an application requires that system time changes are immediately reflected, you can use the


option to tell the JVM to use the gettimeofday call instead of the new, lightweight mechanism.

Solutions for the ESP Agent

To add following statement in the agentpram.txt file (located in the Agent installation directory:


For instance:

#type of jvm (used only if attachjvm=true)